Live Streaming For Governments: What Are The Benefits


Governments are slow when it comes to exploring new technologies. They still use traditional media to deliver their messages to people. But the contradiction is that more people cut the cord and switch to IPTV/OTT platforms if we talk about videos. Especially, it refers to the youth. If you want to catch their attention, you should go online too.

This article tells about additional benefits you will receive if you start live streaming.

Live streaming helps governments be transparent.

Years ago, the information from governments had to be conveyed with the help of other people. It comes at a cost because these people tell the news the way they understand them. And news can change greatly from the moment it was announced to the moment it reaches an end-user.

Live streaming solves this issue. People can watch a video on any device they have: smartphone, Smart TV, laptop, or tablet. They just run an IPTV/OTT app and view what is happening at the local authority’s meeting.

You can save people’s time and increase public awareness of what is going on in the city or country. Live streaming for government also means transparency as it can broadcast its community meetings to the public. People will understand what issues are on the agenda.

Live streaming helps the public stay informed.

News tends to be streamed on TVs. But more people refuse to use TVs. Instead, they switch to Internet-based devices, such as mobile phones and laptops. It means that they receive local information from third parties (newspapers, journals, and YouTube fellas) that can retell the news from their perspective.

It means that some people are misinformed about local events. It is hardly what you want. That is why you also need to go online to deliver what you think.

You will be closer to the audience, and they will know what is on your mind.

Live streaming helps governments communicate with people.

Unlike pre-recorded videos, live streams provide the opportunity to communicate with the public in real-time. People can ask you questions, and you can give immediate answers. You can start building relationships with them and, consequently, increase loyalty.

It is an opportunity for people to receive direct answers to their questions or express thoughts about your actions. And you will receive feedback and maybe ideas about what to enhance in the city.

Politicians tend to be very busy and unavailable to the public. Live streaming can help with that.

Live streaming helps governments increase trustworthiness.

We talked about that above, but it is an essential point, and we want to emphasize it.

Due to the nature of live streaming, it helps create a connection between the audience and authorities. When the message comes directly from a speaker, it creates a feeling of authenticity, which leads to trust growth.

People tend to trust more those who they know in person. Live streaming can help create this impression.

By going online, you show that you are open to discussions, and that contributes to loyalty growth.


Live streaming is beneficial for governments. It can help build trust, increase loyalty, and show that you are open to questions from the public. What is more, people mostly use devices connected to the Internet. That is why you should have a presence on the Internet to attract the public’s attention.


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