Best robot vacuum for cleaning and mopping: New Roborock Qrevo MaxV Robot Vacuum has epic capabilities

There is something hugely satisfying about watching the dust you’ve just pulled off the legs of a dining room chair disappear into the chamber of a vacuum cleaner.

Call it a peculiar adult hobby of mine, but I’ve never been one to shy away from a quick once over with the vacuum, manoeuvring around the room this way and that to ensure a close-to-the-corners clean.

So as the rise of robot vacuums continues I was apprehensive to even consider getting one.

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Is this just another way for Ai to infiltrate our lives? Take our jobs?

It turns out that was an entirely too dramatic position to take and in fact, I’m quietly obsessed with the new Roborock Qrevo MaxV Robot Vacuum.

This $2,199 device is now available on not only the Roborock website but across all major retailers like JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Kogan.

Rocky sits quietly in the corner of the room. Credit: Roborock

I’ve been putting it through its paces for a few weeks now with my equally sceptical fiancé only to find that the pair of us have come to rely on its quiet but all-powerful motor to scoot around our floorboards and tidy them up in mere minutes.

It took just moments to set up, connecting to the free-to-download Roborock app and popping in the serial number before “Rocky”, as the device nicknames itself, burst to life and began visually mapping our apartment.

We don’t have huge open spaces, so I was worried our new friend Rocky would have issues with spatial awareness.

But it got to work in no time visually digesting the couches, tables, chairs and extra shoes lying around on the floor.

The integration of structured light and a camera allows the robot to identify and avoid 62 types of objects across 20 categories, so there won’t be a single product it hasn’t come in contact with in the past.

After mapping, it crafted an apartment floor plan on the app so we can decide to mop and vacuum the whole area or just particular rooms.

It can easily fit under bed frames. Credit: Roborock

The Qrevo MaxV has “hyperforce suction” equivalent to 7000 Pa, meaning no crumb or tiny fleck of dust will be able to escape as the Roborock glides quietly over the top of it.

It registers whether it’s cleaning hardwood floors, carpet or tiles, and adjusts its suction power accordingly to make sure it’s gentler on certain surfaces.

When it’s finished vacuuming, it returns to the dock and empties itself into a dust bin which doesn’t have to be touched for up to seven weeks.

Now if its vacuuming capabilities weren’t impressive enough it was the mopping that truly took our breath away.

With Voice Assist were are able to simply say “Hello Rocky” and direct the robot to mop in a certain room and off it will go to work.

One of my favourite features is how easily it mops. Credit: Roborock

Its owner just needs to put in a little bit of water and some floor cleaner — OMO floor care fluid to be exact — and the robot will wash with the two mop discs that exist underneath it as it whirrs around the house.

It has the ability to adjust its own water temperature so it can get out particularly greasy stains on the floor and it knows when to lift its mops up when it encounters carpet or a rug.

We actually decided to turn on the mopping setting when we would leave the house for a work as you can set timers to make Rocky clean while you’re at work — an absolute god send.

It’s quiet and barely noticeable when on. Credit: Roborock

Now if you were worried a lot of this work would drain its battery life, we’ve never managed to get it below 60 per cent.

That’s how efficient Rocky is at getting the work done.

For a limited time only, any shoppers who purchase the robot from Roborock’s official store will receive a bonus accessory pack worth $179.70.

The pack includes one bottle of OMO floor care fluid, one dust cover and one box of replacement mop pads.

While you might be wondering whether the price tag is worth it I can safely say, as an Ai sceptic, I am blown away by the power and ease by which the new Roborock fits into our beachy lifestyle.

And any arguments about how much sand is on the floor are now in the past.

Head to Roborock’s official website for more details and to purchase.

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