American First Finance – Stop Credit Card Debt Collection Letters


American First Finance is a direct consumer finance technology business that offers the following financial solutions in all fifty states: personal installment sales agreements; lease purchase agreements; and secured loans. The company is primarily known for its “fast on-line” cash advance application process, but also has been successful at offering many other financial products. They are one of the fastest growing direct lender/debt processors in the direct cash loan market.

What is American First Finance? American First Finance was founded by Chad Timothy, who had started his career as an accountant. He then went on to start his own direct lender/debt processor firm and to this day continues to serve thousands of direct lenders/debt processors with a wide range of financial services including personal finance, auto finance, mortgages, education loans, and much more. There are many commonly asked questions regarding their services, which will be answered in this article. American First Finance provides cash advance applications, payday loan services, mortgages, education loans, landlord finance, and consumer finance with a focus on savings.

Can American First Finance hurt my credit report? American First Finance does not affect your credit report – it simply helps you find a better interest rate. Many people have difficulty finding a decent interest rate for their debt, especially if they don’t have a strong credit rating. For those who already have credit problems and are looking for a new mortgage or a new line of credit can use American First Finance’s services to find a better interest rate and a better option.

What about American First Finance if I already have bad credit reporting? American First Finance works with all United States citizens who have negative information on their credit reports. This includes bankruptcies, collections, foreclosures, late payments, tax liens, and many other negative items. It doesn’t matter what type of negative information you have on your credit report – American First Finance can help you find a solution for your financial problem. Your credit reporting companies such as Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion are not able to do anything with American First Finance’ services because they do not sell credit cards, loans, mortgages, or anything else on behalf of American First Finance.

Can American First Finance help with my cash loan needs? American First Finance can provide cash loans for any type of personal or business emergency, providing you with the money you need to pay your bills. There are a variety of different cash loans American First Finance can provide to you. For example, you can get a cash advance if you need a quick dollar amount to pay your rent, utility bill, or an emergency trip. You can also get an installment loan, which would be a convenient way to pay your automobile repair bills or your home improvement project.

Can American First Finance report my credit report to the credit reporting agencies? American First Finance will report your new loan to the three major credit reporting agencies, so you can check your credit report and make sure that it accurately reflects your American First Finance Cash Loan. If there is negative information on your credit report, American First Finance can work with the credit reporting agencies to have this removed. They will send you a letter saying that the information was incorrectly reported to the credit reporting agencies, and they will give you instructions on how to correct your credit report.

Can American First Finance work with other companies to stop credit card debt collection letters from American First Finance? Yes, American First Finance can work with other companies to stop those credit card companies from sending you any more letters. The company can also work with the original creditors to stop them from contacting you. The original creditors usually have their own consumer rights department that can be contacted to stop unwanted collection efforts. American First Finance will give you a full list of all the resources available to you to help you deal with your cash loan.

American First Finance can help you get out of debt and get your finances in better order. The company can negotiate with the individual lenders to get better terms for your installment payment. The payment can be made directly to American First Finance, or through a simple electronic withdrawal from your checking account.


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