A Black author takes a new look at Georgia’s white founder and his failed attempt to ban slavery

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Michael Thurmond thought he was reading familiar history at the burial place of Georgia’s colonial founder. Then a single sentence on a marble plaque extolling the accomplishments of James Edward Oglethorpe left him stunned speechless. Within a lengthy tribute to the Englishman who died in 1785, the inscription read: “He was the … Read more

For Native American activists, the Kansas City Chiefs have it all wrong

Rhonda LeValdo is exhausted, but she’s refusing to slow down. For the fourth time in five years, her hometown team and the focus of her decadeslong activism against the use of Native American imagery and references in sports is in the Super Bowl. As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare for Sunday’s big game, so does … Read more

Bohan Phoenix explains why Asian rappers owe Black culture and he chose to work in China

BANGKOK — Chinese American rapper Bohan Phoenix has straddled both countries in his career. Working with Chinese rappers like the popular Higher Brothers, he has always interspersed English song lyrics with a catchy Chinese chorus. Far from the flex-heavy culture of rap songs in the Top 40, his latest album “Make You Proud” is a … Read more

The effect of police violence on Black Americans’ health documented in 2 new studies

The effect of police violence on Black Americans is tracked in two new studies, with one tying police-involved deaths to sleep disturbances and the other finding a racial gap in injuries involving police use of Tasers. The health effects of police violence on Black people “need to be documented as a critical first step to … Read more

Extreme heat, wildfire smoke harm low-income and nonwhite communities the most, study finds

LOS ANGELES — Extreme heat and wildfire smoke are independently harmful to the human body, but together their impact on cardiovascular and respiratory systems is more dangerous and affects some communities more than others. A study published Friday in the journal Science Advances said climate change is increasing the frequency of both hazards, particularly in … Read more

The debate over Native American mascots persists as some schools reinstate the logos

It was a passionate student letter in 2020 that caused the Southern York County school board to reconsider its logo: a Native American man, representing the “Warriors.” Though the conversation had come up before in the suburban district located in southern Pennsylvania, 2020 was a turning point of racial reckoning after the death of George … Read more

N. Scott Momaday, Pulitzer Prize winner and giant of Native American literature, dead at 89

NEW YORK — N. Scott Momaday, a Pulitzer Prize-winning storyteller, poet, educator and folklorist whose debut novel “House Made of Dawn” is widely credited as the starting point for contemporary Native American literature, has died. He was 89. Momaday died Wednesday at his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, publisher HarperCollins announced. He had been … Read more

Regional Mexican music is crossing borders and going global. Here’s how it happened

MEXICO CITY — Regional Mexican music — a catchall term that encompasses mariachi, banda, corridos, norteño, sierreño and other genres — has become a global phenomenon, topping music charts and reaching new audiences as it crosses borders. While it has been around the U.S. for decades, with the late Selena Quintanilla weaving pop, disco and … Read more

Ukrainian-born Miss Japan rekindles an old question: What does it mean to be Japanese?

TOKYO — Crowned Miss Japan this week, Ukrainian-born Carolina Shiino cried with joy, thankful for the recognition of her identity as Japanese. But her Caucasian look rekindled an old question in a country where many people value homogeneity and conformity: What does it mean to be Japanese? Shiino has lived in Japan since moving here … Read more

A famed NYC museum is closing two Native American halls. Harvard and others have taken similar steps

NEW YORK — New York’s American Museum of Natural History is closing two halls featuring Native American objects starting Saturday, acknowledging the exhibits are “severely outdated” and contain culturally sensitive items. The mammoth complex across from Central Park on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is the latest U.S. institution to cover up or remove Native American … Read more