New sensor gives unprecedented look at changes in cell’s energy ‘currency’

Just as the US economy runs on the dollar, the cellular economy runs on ATP. The energy-carrying molecule fuels nearly all processes inside the cell, making ATP critical for cellular life. Now, a new sensor developed at Janelia is giving researchers the best look yet at ATP levels inside living cells, enabling scientists to study … Read more

How Black teachers lost when civil rights won in Brown v. Board

by Diana D’Amico Pawlewicz, Andrea Guiden Pittman, Andrene J. Castro and Marvin G. Powell, The Conversation Credit: fauxels from Pexels Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court decision that desegregated public schools, stands in the collective national memory as a turning point in America’s fight for racial justice. But as the U.S. observes its … Read more

Saturday Night Live teases Trump’s VP picks: a gun-toting Kristi Noem and the ‘late, great Hannibal Lecter’

Sign up for the daily Inside Washington email for exclusive US coverage and analysis sent to your inbox Get our free Inside Washington email Saturday Night Live kicked off its season finale this week with a skit teasing Donald Trump’s vice-presidential picks – including a gun-toting, dog-killing Kristi Noem and the “late, great” Hannibal Lecter. … Read more

Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics

When water freezes, it transitions from a liquid phase to a solid phase, resulting in a drastic change in properties like density and volume. Phase transitions in water are so common most of us probably don’t even think about them, but phase transitions in novel materials or complex physical systems are an important area of … Read more

How NZ can build better for biodiversity

by Yolanda van Heezik, Christopher K. Woolley, Jacqueline Theis and Maibritt Pedersen Zari, The Conversation Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Cities across Aotearoa New Zealand are trying to solve a housing crisis, with increasing residential density a key solution. But not everyone is happy about the resulting loss of natural habitats and biodiversity. Some homeowners in … Read more

Wuhan: How the Covid-19 Outbreak in China Spiraled Out of Control; Wuhan: A Documentary Novel – reviews | History books

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the beginning of the pandemic, before the World Health Organization had coined the term Covid-19. Back then, it was the “Wuhan virus”, a mysterious pathogen from a city that few people outside China had visited. On 12 January 2020, China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … Read more

‘Too slow’: minister admits infected blood scandal victims have waited too long for compensation

Sign up for the View from Westminster email for expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free View from Westminster email A cabinet minister has admitted that tens of thousands of victims have waited too long for compensation as a result of the infected blood scandal. Grant Shapps also said that families affected by … Read more