There’s an Ozempic Shortage—People Actually Affected Weigh In

It’s like an episode of Black Mirror. There’s a drug that helps people with a life-threatening illness survive—but it’s been co-opted by other communities because there’s another beneficial side effect, one that’s intertwined with vanity.  For Greg [who lives in Missouri and asked to remain anonymous for the story], this isn’t fiction. “I’m on Ozempic … Read more

How Aussie couple beat the rental crisis by living out of a tiny home on wheels: ‘You don’t need much to have a happy life’

A young couple travelling around Australia in a ‘Troop carrier’ has revealed what it’s like living on the road. Chelsea Grech, 23, used to work as an outdoor education instructor at school camps while her partner James Dickson, also 23, was a diesel mechanic in the mining industry. They quit their jobs to begin their … Read more

Skinvive Is the First Filler of Its Kind Available In the U.S.

Dr. Castilla reiterates that anyone who wants to target volume loss might not be satisfied with the results they might get from Skinvive. “However, volume loss and changes in skin quality are both signs of aging and often go hand-in-hand,” she says. “These patients would likely achieve better final results from combining a filler to target … Read more

“It’s Giving Doll” Wigs on Wigs and Lashes on Lashes at Marc Jacobs

The greeting backstage at Marc Jacobs today was a cloud of aerosol hairspray so thick you could see and taste it. I caught hairstylist Duffy grabbing some fresh air moments before crew members lifted the Park Avenue Armory’s giant doors to vent the space. “My team, my lovely, dear, wonderful team who just came from … Read more

Best Valentine’s Day 2024 gifts for him and her: The travel, fashion, beauty and tech pieces to give the one you love

The day of love is quickly descending upon us. And whether you’re in a romantic relationship, or you just want to celebrate with mates, it’s a good time to show gratitude to those you care about. While tradition would have us forking out for flowers on February 14, they don’t last as long as a … Read more

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Jelly Review — See Photos

As TikTok users devour edible beauty trends, it’s not surprising that products look more delicious these days. The latest example is Milk Makeup’s new Cooling Water Jelly Tint, a lip and cheek tint that is reminiscent of gummy worms, Jell-O, and other gelatin-based desserts. The tint comes in four punchy shades (Burst, a vivid fuchsia, … Read more

Have a Cozy Weekend. | Cup of Jo

What are you up to this weekend? The boys and I are driving to Guilford, Connecticut, to hang out with our friends Rob and Sharon of Catastrophe jean skirts fame. Also, we made it through January, guys!!!! Congrats to us all. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few links from around … Read more