Nag Tibba Trek is the best place to rest and enjoy


Nag Tibba Trek at Himalayan Garhwal is one of the most famous tourist adventures in the world at an altitude of 9,915 meters. The snowcapped mountains are located at the bottom of the increase, with a view of 100 degrees. Some of the popular mountain peaks of Nag Tibba are Swargrohini, Skrantha, Kala Nag, and Gangotri.

Nag Tibba time to walk

The pursuit of the mountains and the peak is something every adventure lover would like to enjoy. I personally love highland trekking, which offers a lot of excitement and entertainment, through the scenic scenery and active paths. Nag Tibba is a moderate but undeniably the most thrilling trek in the middle of the spectacular trekking destinations in India. It’s a journey for the trekkers to discover nature’s secret wonders and appreciate Himalayan pristine beauty.

It surely is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel through breathtaking streams, mountain rivers, rich forests, and scenic meads. One fine day, therefore, by agreeing with my friends on a Nag Tibba trekking trip, I decided to test my real potential.

All, from warm clothes to trekking shoes, we were all ready to start our tour. At 5 a.m. we boarded a flight and arrived in the next couple of hours at Jolly Grant Airport. We hired a taxi from there to drop us in the village of Pantwari. We have crossed a picturesque mountain station called Mussoorie as we went to the village. Uttrakhand. We got to know about stunning Kempty Falls in the lap of an emerald valley in a conversation with the pilot. For local residents who are coming to pick up and enjoy water sports this is a much-loved weekend venue.

Nag Tibba is located in the middle of two famous pins and Dhauladhar around 9,915 meters altitude. When you go to the top of Nag Tibba Trek, enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the Tibba track from the skyline. In the day of light, the peak of Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, Kalanag, and Srikanth looked like someone graced them with pure orange colors.

Nag Tibba Peak stands in the Tehri area of ​​Garhwal Uttarakhand, one of the most famous trips near Delhi. This weekend run provides a beautiful view to Bandarpoonch Range, Mount Swargarohini, Mount Gangotri, and Peaks Kedarnath.

The entire Nag Tibba route is a circular route with views of Rhododendron, Alpine, Oak, and other Cedars. The best way to do it is to climb Nag Tivba and then go down to the village of Bhatwadi on your Uttarakhand tour. Nag Tibba Treks is a pleasant weekend break from the confusion of work-life for locals to relax and relax.

Kempty Falls

If you like nature, Kempty Falls gives you many things to enjoy. The massive flood of rivers from extensive heights can be clarified and the structure such as a very large lake built under the kempty waterfall can be built. Maybe one day at the MUSSOORIE the most charismatic location for a picnic.

Kanatal Hill Station

Hill Kanatal Station, a perfect weekend place for families to spare together, located in a beautiful area of ​​Garhwal Himalaya. The fading soul visiting the resort’s hill will never miss the possibility to enjoy the tops of the conifer trees surrounded by the sun.

Lal Tibba

This is one of the highest and highest points at the Tibba Mountain Range Nag. Take a few hours to see the magical panorama of the sunrise and set it here if you intend to visit Tibba Nag during the honeymoon.


Located in the Tehri Uttarakhand district, Nainbagh is a beautiful meeting location of the three most prominent districts in Uttarkashi, Tehri and Dehradun. Nature lovers and pedestrians also enjoy this place.

Pantwari Village

In the Dhanaulti District, Pantwari Village is the basis of Trekking Trekking Nag Tibba. All who plan to stay for the night can find hostels, small shops and various choices.

A place to stop and break nag tibba track

There is no choice for accommodation in and around NAG Tibba Trekking Spot. Create your own camping package if you want to spend the night at Tibba Nag. You can bring your own camping equipment or take it leased from your tour friends. There are even some cheap guest houses in Pantwari or Devalsari, depending on the route you want to go.

Kempty Falls

Kempty Falls is one of the most interesting locations to relax from all your difficulties. This tourist destination is one of the most popular and popular Uttarakhand destinations. For life travelers established about 150 years ago, Kempty Falls has always been an amazing place for a picnic.


Canatal or Lost Hamlet is one of the beautiful resorts surrounded by hills that impose images close to the mountain resort of this hill. At an altitude of 8500 meters above sea level it is located at the Kanatal Hill Station, suitable for winter who wants to enter the natural environment.

Lal Tibba

One of the highest peaks of Mussoorie to enjoy the sunrise and happy sunsets is Lal Tibba, a popular tourist destination. On one sunny day you can also rise along a significant peak of the Tibba Lal Mountains.


Nainbagh is located at the Uttarkashi meeting, Tehri and Dehradun from Tehri Uttarakhand. Pantwari village is 12 km and Trekking Nag Tibba Adventure Base.

Pantwari Village

Pantwari is not an attractive village in Uttarakhand, but a perfect goal for people who want to explore the history of beautiful city in the northern hilly of India. It also spreads its elegant with charming mountains in the village.


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