How the Yellowjackets Season Finale Sets up Season Two on Showtime


After ten weeks the season one finale of Yellowjackets has officially premiered on Showtime and thankfully the series has already been renewed! The series split across two timelines and about the survival of this group of young women (and a few fellas) has been capturing its audience’s imagination for months now and with the arrival of the season one finale we now have some answers for some of the biggest plot threads. That’s not all though as the final episode also left us with a lot to consider about the next season so let’s dive in with ten things we’re thinking about for season two based on the finale. Full Yellowjackets spoilers below!

“I shouldn’t admit this but I have been, along with the entire cast and most of our EPs, trolling Reddit a little bit and watching Twitter a little bit,” co-creator and executive producer Ashley Lyle revealed to  ET. “I would say that somebody out of the thousands of comments that have come up has rightly predicted almost everything. And it’s not always the most popular of theories, which I find interesting….It was really fun to watch people theorize about all of the [characters], particularly Antler Queen… I like that as much as I actually enjoy the completely off-the-wall theories that are completely insane sometimes, but really creative. So, I salute everyone who’s coming up with [those]. It’s really fun to see.” 

The entire first season of Yellowjackets is now streaming on Showtime, you can sign up for the service by clicking hereSpoilers follow!


Lottie is alive

Confirmed at the end of the season one finale is not only an underline on the assumption that Lottie was the Antler Queen but also the revelation that her woods cult that she started in the 1990s remains active to this day.

At the end of the episode, adult Natalie is preparing to end her life by suicide only to have her door burst open and be kidnapped by a group of people all clad in the same outfit. As she’s being taken, Suzie, her sponsor and confidante in looking into Travis’ murder, leaves her a voicemail asking who Lottie is, seemingly connecting the dots between Travis’ death and the emptying of his bank account with Lottie and her still functioning cult.

Considering Natalie’s place in the narrative it would be surprising if this wasn’t addressed in the first episode or two of the next season.


Taissa is a Senator now

Much of the final two episodes is framed around Taissa losing her bid for senate but in the end it turns out that she pulled off the upset and won.

This new wrinkle will only add more headaches to her life though as her fugue states/dirt eating and separation from her partner will only cause more questions from the public. She can’t spend time in Washington AND run around eating dirt in the middle of the night with no one noticing, right?



Adam’s backstory remains a mystery

Though one of the most popular fan theories was that Adam was secretly Javi, a news story on the “mysterious disappearance” (death as we know) of the man seemed to further tease that he was just a regular guy. Had he actually been Javi it likely would have been referenced since the news report cited family and friends having not seen him in a few days.

What remains unclear though are the circumstances of his “art career” and his tattoos. It’s unclear if we’ll get answers on this but his death will certainly play a big part in the 2021 storyline for the surviving Yellowjackets.


Where is Javi?

So if Adam wasn’t Javi, where is Javi?

In the 1990s flashback Javi is MIA after the Doom-coming and nowhere to be found. Following the death of Jackie in the same episode however fans might assume that Javi met the same fate out in the wilderness by himself, but the fact that his status as being missing is noted by his brother Travis this will likely be a plot thread that’s explored.



Who took Shauna’s journals?

Neither Jeff nor Adam copped to taking Shauna’s journals out of the safe which leaves us with this huge question (the former says he read them but he could have meant before). In all likelihood the simplest explanation seems like the most likely, Shauna’s daughter Callie is probably the one that took them.


Who was being eaten in the Pilot episode?

Ten episodes down and the hot, juicy, meaty meal seen in the first episode hasn’t yet been revealed. The pilot episode firmly plants the seed that a faction of the Yellowjackets have turned to cannibalism and are chowing down on….somebody. The identity of this person wasn’t confirmed in the season finale, but the revelation that Lottie is still alive with her cult, could that person who fell in the pit actually been in the present and not the past?



Where did the symbol come from?

Though the symbol was adopted by Lottie’s cult, and something that has drawn fear from the other surviving Yellowjackets, its exact origins are unclear as it was seen already carved into a nearby tree immediately after the plane crash.

Could it likely have come from the person whose cabin the Yellowjackets have taken up residence in? Considering they’re the only other person, er, body, they’ve seen in the wilderness that seems likely.


What happens to Shauna’s baby?

Shauna’s pregnancy becomes everyone’s business in the final episodes but whether she carries it to term and what happens to it out in the woods is a huge mystery. Will Shauna have the baby? Will it get eaten? Is it alive and now living with Lottie’s cult? Season two can’t get here soon enough.



“Tell Nat she was right”

After Travis’ body is discovered the revelation of the last thing he wrote on his notepad also comes to life, “Tell Nat she was right.” What Nat was right about is, yet again, one of the biggest lingering questions about the series.

Or maybe we were reading the note wrong all along. Maybe the “she” in “Tell Nat she was right” is someone else, maybe it was Lottie, whose cult are seemingly the ones that killed Travis and burned the symbol below his body with candles.

That said, maybe Nat is the “she” and the thing she was right about was how nuts Lottie is, or how Lottie would come back after them.


What did they do with Jackie’s body

Every other person who died in the plane crash was buried by the other Yellowjackets, but Jackie’s death in the snow has preserved her body better than the others. Could Jackie be the main course on the first cannibalism menu?



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